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By participating in the forums, you agree to the following Terms of Service:

*** Amended June 28, 2003 ***


We reserve the right to delete any posts or any member for any reason at any time.

  • Age Limitations
    The United States Children's Online Privacy Protection Act went into effect on April 21st, 2000. In order to comply with that law, will not knowingly allow any visitor who is under 13 years of age.


  • Flaming, Bashing, and Fighting
    Hate posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated on the WF Forums, and this includes bashing new users. While some things are all in good fun, be careful not to cross the line. If you strongly feel the need to bash/fight/argue, then the forums are not for you..


  • Profanity and Racial Slurs
    Profanity and Racial Slurs are strictly prohibited. Do not make an attempt to beat the built-in censors, as they are there for a reason.


  • Obscenity
    Any obscene images or vulgar statements are absolutely not tolerated. We at WF are all here for good, clean fun.

  • Impersonation

    Using a forum username or other methods intending to appear as someone that you are not is not allowed. This includes account names that mock or insult other forum members regardless of the circumstances of the creation of the account. Creating or changing a username to impersonate or mock another member is grounds for immediate deletion of a user's account.


  • Spamming Posts
    Although members are encouraged to be active message posters, purposely spamming a message board to gain post counts is not allowed and unfair to all the users who have earned their post counts legitimately. This includes such things one or two word "lol", "I agree", or quote only replies and image only posts. Members who spam solely for post totals will be dealt with accordingly. A warning will first be issued, but the if the problem persists, any WF Administrator reserves the right to dock a fair amount of posts from that member.

  • Spam Advertising
    Spamming to advertise a website or products and services is not permitted, no exceptions. Non-Profit or personal websites may put a simple link in their signature -or- a small banner. Usernames or displayed names are not permitted to be a website name. Please feel free to click HERE if you are interested in advertising your website or products and services.


  • Duplicate Member Accounts
    You may not have more than two user names per person. Any more than that will be deleted.


  • General Posting/Off-Topic Posts
    We require all posts to be positive, constructive, and on topic. We will delete individual posts that may ruin a good topic thread. Although posting off topic isn't the end of the world, it is still not allowed. There are many other varied WF forum subjects available to post in. Please take a look at all the boards within our forum to make sure your topic applies to the board you are posting it to.


  • Illegal Substance or Illegal Activity Discussion
    Drug talk, or talk of any illegal activity is strictly prohibited. Positive statements warning against illegal activities are allowed. This includes the posting of links and/or discussion relating to other sites which would include adult content, hack sites, warez sites, and related.


  • Trading/Buying/Selling at the WF Classifieds Forum is not responsible for results via transactions between members. Make sure you get recommendations from other users as to who is a "Good" or "Bad" trader before making your transaction. Always be careful and be aware that anyone at anytime may not hold up to their end of the bargain. Users who are proven to have "Ripped-Off" another user will be banned from the WF Forums.


    Do not attempt to make any trades that would include copied video tapes or DVDs, copied pay-per-view events, copied software, copied CDs or relating. The trade of such media is in violation of federal trademark and copyright laws and is illegal.

  • Signature & Avatar Images
    Signature Images should be no larger than 300 Pixels High and/or 300 Pixels Long, and no larger than 250k. If the image is a bit larger either way we will certainly let it slide, but do not go overboard with the size! Large images take long to load, especially for our friends with slower connections, and images too long can distort the screen for users with smaller screen sizes.


    We do not permit video .gif files for use in either avatars or signature images because of the slowdown they cause while scrolling through posts and of course for the same reasons listed in the above paragraph. However, we will allow an animated low frame count .gif file. For signature images, the same size requirements listed in the above paragraph apply. For avatar images, please keep .gifs under 15k.

  • Moderators
    Moderators are chosen on a monthly basis, although there may be some forums with permanent mods. In some cases their may be more than one mod per forum as well. Mod changes occur around the first week of every month.


    We choose our moderators based on users performance on the forums. Such performance includes post history; respectfulness to others; helpfulness to others and an overall positive attitude. Moderators are also chosen based on their activity in said boards.


    Members can recommend themselves by sending a Private Message to an admin during the last week of the month with their forum name, board(s) interested in moderating, and reason why they would be the best choice.

If any of aforementioned Terms Of Services are violated, it will result with a warning and subsequent banning and/or deletion of member account from the forums. This is something we do not want to have to do, so please conduct yourself with respect.


You may ask "What about freedom of speech? Can't I post anything I want?" Well the answer is no. When you signed up for the message message forums, you voluntarily agreed to follow the rules here. "Freedom of speech" applies only to the federal government, not private businesses, and in any case, you willingly relinquished some of those rights to have an account here. If you do not feel that you can follow the rules here, you are more than welcome to create your own message board on a server that you pay for, and subsequently enforce your own set of rules

We at take pride in running good, clean, fun forums. We want all our website and forums to be an enjoyable experience to all it's members and guests. If you notice anything inappropriate, please get in touch with a WF forum Moderator and/or and Administrator so we can take further action.



Posts made by forum members are not necessarily the opinions of nor it's staff. nor it's owner is responsible or liable for posts made by forum members.



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