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Author : Bob Mulrenin
Date : 10/03/2012 (04:28:19 PM)

"Hangman" Bobby Jaggers dead at 64

Robert Jeaudoin, who died suddenly on Sunday, was one of those pro wrestlers that successfully transitioned out of the rasslin' business into real life, leaving his "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers persona in the past, if not his love of the Kansas Jayhawks.

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From Funking Conservatory Wrestling - Bobby Jaggers
With the passing of my father, Dory Funk Sr. June 3rd 1973, Terry and I were left with running the promotion and booking office of the Amarillo Territory. We were always on the lookout for good wrestling talent.
In 1975 at a meeting in the Wrestling Office in the Amarillo Sports Arena, Terry and I sat down with our top heel at the time, Ray Stevens. The discussion was about finding a partner to tag team with Ray.
This would be a tough spot to fill considering the huge success previously in the San Francisco Territory of the combination of Ray Stevens and Pat Patterson.
I came up with a suggestion. I had recently worked the Cow Palace for Roy Shire in the Annual Battle Royal. I explained to Terry and Ray Stevens that I had met someone 6' 2" tall, 260 pounds with Bleached Blond Hair and a Charismatic Loud Mouth. His name was Bobby Jaggers.
My suggestion was that Bobby Jaggers as a Top Heel would compliment Ray Stevens in the ring and on interviews.
Ray and Bobby were a natural working as the top Heel Team in the Amarillo Territory with Terry and myself and Ricky Romero and Jose Lothario.
Bobby and Ray were the "Real Bad Guy Cowboy Team."
Ray regularly worked the Rodeo Shows throughout the territory as an accomplished Bull Dogger.
Bobby was not going to be outdone by his partner Ray Stevens. Bobby was no "Rhinestone Cowboy." Bobby decided to prove his mettle. and ride a Bull in competition in a Rodeo in West Texas. Bobby hired a photographer to get a picture of his performance. I might add that Bobby had never been on a Bull in his life but he had intestinal fortitude beyond the normal.
Bobby was in the chute on the back of a 1500 pound Brahma Bull his left hand tightly gripping the cinch rope then Bobby yelled, "OPEN THE GATE." The gate swung open and the Brahma Bull stepped out into the arena, 3000 Rodeo Fans cheered, Bobby's personal photographer snapped the picture of Bobby Jaggers riding the Bull and 2 seconds later Bobby Jaggers was on the ground.
Bobby Jaggers got what he wanted, a great shot of the "Real Cowboy" Bobby Jaggers on the back of a 1500 pound Brahma Bull.
The next night at the Amarillo Sports Arena we all saw the 8 x 10 Black and White Photo of Bobby Jaggers riding a 1500 pound Black Brahma Bull.
Bobby you are one of the toughest and bravest men I know.
We love you Bobby,
Rest in Peace my Fun and Wonderful Real Cowboy Friend.
Dory and Marti Funk
My condolences to the family of Bobby Jaggers


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