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Author : Bob Mulrenin
Date : 10/28/2013 (02:58:33 PM)

Tommy Dreamer joined the VOC Nation Radio Network as part of their 1 year anniversary away from AM Radio and into the Cloud. You can hear the entire anniversary show at http://vocnation.com, which also features interviews with Joey Styles, Shelly Martinez, Jimmy Hart, and others.

Here is a sample of what the ECW Original had to say:

On building his brand, the House of Hardcore: The brand was actually contested by the pornographic world; I had to actually prove the definition of hardcore in terms of wrestling. (Thankfully) it all worked out in the end.

On the State of Pro Wrestling: Theres a lot of unhappiness with the current direction of wrestling, especially with the last few pay per views (from both companies). I was watching the last WWE PPV with fans at a restaurant, and the end of the show left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth. TNA has been doing that for a long time as well. Im not knocking the product or the direction; wrestling is (in the eye of the beholder) and I just view it differently. I was the very first Paul Heyman guy; him and I used to argue about what was good for the show and the product, but we never lied or tried to screw over the audience. I watched (ECW) grow from a 35 person audience to selling out 1000+ seat arenas. It seems like most people in the wrestling industry are just take, take, take and I hate that. Im trying to build something so everyone can work and prosper. I dont have a money backer; this is my money. Im not going to be the next WWE or TNA (overnight), Im slowly trying to build something.

On his Goals for the House of Hardcore Brand: I would love for my company to be on a national level. I would love to be running a television show. Im not going to rush things, Im not going to force things. I have a business model and a game plan. Theres a lot of great talented men and women out there that dont get a chance to show what they have to offer because of body types, politics, or things like that (I want to give those people a chance). I hope one day to be able to pay guys enough money where they can turn other people down and work for me every week.

On working with Terry Funk: This is the last time Ill ever be tagging with Terry Funk. He just turned 69 years old and hes still working and taking bumps. Hes going to Japan this week to work with his brother. Terry Funk is my wrestling father, and this is the last time well ever walk down the aisle together. Its going to be very special for me.

On breaking Rosita into the business: I remember seeing Lita for the first time in North Carolina. She did an amazing moonsault and I broke her into the business. As far as Rosita goes, a few years back, I saw a very attractive girl in the ring during an outdoor independent show. I told her that she needed to increase her ability in the ring (and shed be a star). When I was in TNA they told be they were looking for somebody (female talent); I got her a tryout and she ended up earning a job. Ive told her many times that she needs to leave wrestling and go straight to Hollywood. She is an amazing talent.

Call any live show toll free at 855-VOC-RADIO (855-862-7234).


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